The ticket office is open:
11:00 - 20:00, break from 14:00 - 15:00
Big stage:
+7 (812) 323-02-84
Chamber stage:
+7 (812) 328-41-08
Loft stage:
+7 (812) 252-75-13
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About the theater

Having been born in 1989, the Theater on Vasilyevsky experienced the same problems that the whole country and all theaters experienced. It is important that the theater managed to preserve itself and move forward. The Vasilyevsky Theater has a completely different energy than the old theaters, a different style of internal relations, a different quality of contact with the public. Not better - worse, but simply - different.

We are trying to create a collection of notable performances on our stage, capable of responding to the most diverse tastes and preferences, so that any viewer - from the most sophisticated to the most simple-minded - can be sure that the Theater has thought about him!

We tour Russia a lot. I am sure that the theater is one of the most real riches, the heritage of the republic. Not oil, not gas, not gold and diamonds, but theater. Directors, actors, whom the country needs to grow like a forest. Soon it may happen that there will simply be no one to teach them. That people who are viewed as a bulwark and the personification of culture can forget how to speak correctly and move well, and most importantly, feel like creative intelligentsia. Then everything will become pop, pop, show business. I wouldn't want to live to see it.

Thank God, there were and are people in our theater who you can look up to.


With us were such amazing creative personalities as Vladimir Osobik and Alexander Khochinsky, Boris Chernyarov and Valentina Kovel, Antonina Shuranova. Our young theater has already experienced the bitterness of irreparable losses, but there were and there are people among us who, by the very fact of their existence in art, gave young actors not only a powerful creative impulse, but also a lesson in the high ethics of the artist. And it is unknown what is more important and valuable.

We have Mikhail Nikolaev, Tatiana Kalashnikova, Elena Martynenko, Ilya Noskov, Yuri Itskov, Nadezhda Zhivoderova, Natalia Lyzhina, Tatiana Mishina, Natalia Kutasova, Elena Rakhlenko, Artem Tsypin, Tatiana Bashlakova, Sergey Lysov, Lyubov Makeeva, Ekaterina Ryabova, Tatiana Malyagina, Andrey Feskov, Natalia Kruglova, Svetlana Shchedrina, Alexander Udaltsov, Oleg Chernov, Vladislav Lobanov, Igor Besschastnov, Arseniy Mytsyk are fanatics of the profession, for whom living means working, and working means serving art.

The city did not accept us immediately, resisted, ignored, tried not to notice. But when I accepted it, I accepted it.

Enough time has passed for the theater to take its place in the cultural landscape of the city and the country. The creative team is not just young and easy-going, it has a spirit of enthusiasm and romance. According to the leading critics of St. Petersburg, the path of the Theater on Vasilievsky Island "follows the modern art space."
The theater has become a real island of hope, love for a person, faith in his best spiritual aspirations.