Youth Award of Saint Petersburg for "Winter" Actors

The cast of "Winter" performance recieved the Youth Award of Saint Petersburg in artistic creation in 2020 in nomination  «Achievements in stage creativity».
Actors awarded: Alexandr Bobrovsky, Evgeniya Ryabova, Vadim Serdyukov, Kirill Tarasov:

Congratulations to our young actors!


The Youth Award of Saint Petersburg recognizes artists under 30 since 2011 in order to encourage young talents and to support  their creativity.

 «Winter» was written by Yevgeni Grishkovetz and staged by Oleg Sologubov.

The acting team of the performance represents with dignity all the young generation of actors of the modern theatre stage. In this performance they combine the magic of real life with the magic of theatre. The story about cold of existence turns out to be kind, warm and amazingly cordial. It makes spectators evoke a feeling of belonging and recognition, leads them to their own memories and associations.




The young acting team turn to the moral, spiritual world of modern person, and makes it not obtrusively or didactically, they turn us to those ethical values that are so rare today.