Without a Dowry
Alexander Ostrovsky

This is an emotional story about being truly independent person, free from mercenary interests. The Theatre’s leading artists engaged in the performance are almost all media persons.


The main stage presents Without a Dowry, a tragedy of a tender heart based on Alexander Ostrovsky’s play, which has a rich staging history.

Without a Dowry is one of the most famous dramas of the Russian theatre. Staging of a play of such a level is risky for any director, as you need to find a golden mean between the creativeness and respectful following of the original text, between inventing something new and maintaining the essence and meaning.

The traditions of the Theater on Vasilyevsky, known for its numerous surprising versions of the classics, helped the director Denis Khusniyarov in working with the iconic text of Without a Dowry. His version of the play is unusual as he moved away from the ordinary social aspect and concentrated on universal timeless categories, on philosophical and essential questions of human relationships.


Running time 3 h. 0 min. including interval

  • Director - Denis Khusniyarov
  • Set Designer - Nikolay Slobodyanik
  • Costume Designer - Maria Golovina
  • Sound - Viktor Volna
  • Sound - Alexander Zakrzhevsky
  • Choreographer - Egor Druzhinin
  • Lighting Designer, Merited Cultural Worker - Evgeny Ganzburg

Premiere: 01.12.2012

Kharita Ignatievna Ogudalova
Larisa Dmitrievna, her daughter
Mokii Parmenych Knurov
Vasiliy Danilych Vozhevatov
Yulii Kapitonych Karandyshev
Sergei Sergeich Paratov
Yulii Kapitonych Karandyshev
Gavrilo, a barkeeper
Ivan, a servant in a coffee house
Yefrosinia Potapovna, Karandyshev’s aunt
Yefrosinia Potapovna, Karandyshev’s aunt
Performance Without a Dowry in What's On