The Human Voice
Jean Cocteau
This is a one-woman show of the popular theater and film actress Svetlana Shchedrina directed by Vladimir Tumanov. It is a serious study of the human soul, "a piece of real life."

The Chamber stage of the Theater hosts a monodrama by Jean Cocteau “The Human Voice”, the performance is a winner of the International monodrama SOLO Festival.

One-act monologue plays take special place in the literary heritage of the French writer, poet, playwright, artist and film director Jean Cocteau, and were written for Edith Piaf, Berthe Bovy, Jean Marais and many other talented actors of his time.

This kind of "one-man theater", according to Cocteau himself, gave artists the opportunity to reveal the most dramatic aspects of their talent, "to shine with new, sometimes unexpected sides of their talent."

At the same time, every monologue play of Cocteau is not just an excuse for a spectacular performance on the stage, but a serious study of the human soul, a “piece of real life” revealed in intense dramatic collisions.

“The Human Voice” is a confession of a woman left by her lover and told in a form of monologue, or rather dialogue on the phone with a man. In a series of various episodes there are fear, joy and pain, hope and despair that reveal the soul of the heroine and the whole depth of her tragedy.


The performance "The Human Voice" is a winner of the International monodrama SOLO Festival (2015).

Running time 1 h. 20 min. with no interval

  • Director - Vladimir Tumanov
  • Costume Designer - Stephaniya Graurogkaite
  • Sound - Alexander Zakrzhevsky

Premiere: 22.11.2014

  • Дипломант Международного театрального фестиваля моноспектаклей SOLO

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