The Mechanism Man
Maria Zelinskaya

In the nearest future there appears the company HUMANITAS ENGINEERING, which is ready to make an ideal partner for good money.


The chamber stage of the Theater presents the nominee of the St. Petersburg Theater Award for young “Proryv” (Breakthrough) based on the fantastic comedy “Humanitas Engineering”.

The events of the play of the modern playwright Maria Zelinskaya occur in the nearest future. A company called Humanitas Engineering offers an expensive service: to create an ideal partner. Everything could be customized: the age, the height and the weight and even the level of care, independence, touchiness. The customer selects the parameters he needs, and then bioengineering starts to work. Nevertheless, the final “product” is not capable to be a real life partner, as it is not our imagination that makes us happy.

Running time 1 h. 30 min. with no interval

  • Director - Ruslan Nanava
  • Lighting Designer - Valentin Bakoyan
  • Set Designer - Anastasia Yudina

Premiere: 17.02.2018

Performance The Mechanism Man in What's On