Children of the Sun
Maxim Gorky
This is a story about Pavel Protasov, who lives in the world of science and is busy with lofty ideas about the destination of the intelligentsia, and does not notice the tragicomic dissonance in his own family and the environment. This is Gorky's most Chekhovian play.

The Theater’s main stage hosts a production of Gorky’s most Chekhovian play Children of the Sun.

This work is a search of spiritual kinship and spiritual freedom, and was written in the prison cell of the Peter and Paul Fortress, where the writer was jailed for his political speeches. Exactly inside the prison the idea of a story about the chemist Pavel Protasov came to the writer.

The protagonist is carried away by some lofty ideas and does not notice what is happening under his nose, some ordinary dramas of everyday life sweep beside him. Pavel Protasov could be considered a so-called "all-seeing blind" in this play filled with love and with subtle friendly irony - Children of the Sun.

Such bright and different characters of "Children of the Sun" can be both funny and piercingly sad and can act on the verge of consciousness and absurdity – just like real people.

This is not a revealing satire but a tragicomedy that allows us to understand better a contradictory nature of human beings.

The director's definition of the genre “Russian quadrille” makes it more intriguing.



Attention! The performance contains images of tobacco products and scenes of imitation of smoking!

Running time 3 h. 25 min. including interval

  • Director - Vladimir Tumanov
  • Set Designer - Alexander Orlov
  • Costume Designer - Stephaniya Graurogkaite
  • Sound - Viktor Volna
  • Lighting Designer, Merited Cultural Worker - Evgeny Ganzburg
  • Ballet master - Nikolay Reutov

Premiere: 25.02.2011

Pavel Fiodorovich Protasov
Elena Nikolaevna
Dmitry Sergeevich Vagin
Boris Nikolaevich Chepurnoy
Nazar Avdeevich
Egor, plumber
Yakov Troshin
Antonovna, nanny
Fima, housemaid
Performance Children of the Sun in What's On