Uncle Vanya
Anton Chekhov
The famous play by Anton Chekhov is in unusual version by Vladimir Tumanov, the chief director of the Theatre on Vasilyevsky. This production boasts wonderful acting as the actors involved are full of energy that will leave you amazed.

The main stage of the Theater presents Uncle Vanya in an unusual interpretation of Chekhov's classic play, which is rather close to spectators’ traditional and familiar aesthetics.

“Uncle Vanya” directed by Vladimir Tumanov is the story of a little world, whose inhabitants are obsessed with their own fixed idea, own passion and own demons. It seems that the characters of the play just do not have enough air or space for living, that they are torn between enclosed space that makes their own feelings look excessive and strained.

And those who watch their torments as outsiders, consider everything that happens on the stage to be ridiculous and somewhat absurd, but nonetheless touching and true.


Running time 2 h. 45 min.

  • Set Designer - Elena Dmitrakova
  • Director - Vladimir Tumanov
  • Costume Designer - Stephaniya Graurogkaite

Premiere: 27.10.2012

Serebryakov Alexandr Vladimirovich
Elena Andreevna, his wife
Elena Andreevna, his wife
Sofia Alexandrovna (Sonya), his daughter of first marriage
Sofia Alexandrovna (Sonya), his daughter of first marriage
Voinitskaya Maria Vasilievna
Voinitsky Ivan Petrovich, her son
Astrov Mikhail Lvovich
Telegin Ilia Ilich
Marina, nanny
Performance Uncle Vanya in What's On