The Thunderstorm
Alexander Ostrovsky

A woman who neglects a moral duty cannot become happy and cannot hide her guilt. The core of the relationship is more important for the protagonist than the external form. This is a story about love and betrayal, peccability and repentance, about will and weakness, faith and unbelief.


This work is a reflection of Ostrovsky’s personal drama.

The prototype of Katerina and the first performer of this role was Lyubov Pavlovna Kositskaya, an actress with whom the playwright had a difficult personal relationship as she was married, and he also had a family.

In reading of Katerina as a character director Vladimir Tumanov follows the playwright. Ostrovsky was not looking for the way out of that desperate situation for his heroine, that way simply did not exist. However, it does not mean that love and beauty has no power for saving the world. All the years after the play was written, many directors continued to search for the main meaning of this inner drama of Katerina, of the nature of her strong character and whole soul.


Running time 3 h. 15 min. including interval

  • Director - Vladimir Tumanov
  • Costume Designer - Stephaniya Graurogkaite
  • Sound - Alexander Zakrzhevsky
  • Set Designer - Semion Pastukh
  • Lighting Designer - Ghidal Shugaev
  • Vocal Coach - Viktor Volna

Premiere: 07.03.2016

Performance The Thunderstorm in What's On