The Idiot
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Vladimir Tumanov engaged theater and movie stars in this staging. It is the world of Dostoevsky in its beautiful details. The one will see the bursts of the inner energy on the stage. The Magic. The Legend. The Myth.

It is a new stage adaptation of the Prince Myshkin’s story nn the main stage of the Theater – a modern legend, full of unusual details, bright images, complex human relationships and volcanic emotions, it is a myth according to Dostoevsky.

A myth in its philosophical meaning, as defined by director Vladimir Tumanov in this staging based on one of the most psychological literary works by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, is a sensual image and idea, a kind of world perception, and not the world view.

Therefore Prince Myshkin becomes a myth because he does not fit into the reality surrounding him with his ridiculous and at the same time touching original character. As they say in Russia, he is not from here.

The core of the plot conflict both in the play and novel is the hero’s encounter with the real world and with people of a different kind that leads to the collapse of his myth. Myshkin finds himself in a condition often called the “search for a lost paradise”, meaning the harmony of the inner and outer worlds.


Attention! The performance contains images of tobacco products and scenes of imitation of smoking!


Running time 3 h. 20 min. including interval

  • Set Designer - Elena Dmitrakova
  • Director - Vladimir Tumanov
  • Costume Designer - Stephaniya Graurogkaite
  • Sound - Alexander Zakrzhevsky
  • Lighting Designer - Alexander Ryazantsev

Premiere: 29.11.2013

Myshkin Lev Nikolaevich, Prince
Nastasya Filippovna
Nastasya Filippovna
Rogozhin Parfyon
Rogozhin Parfyon
Totsky Afanasy Ivanovich
General Epanchin
Elizaveta Prokofyevna, his wife
Ivolgin Gavrila Ardalionych (Ganya)
Varya, his sister
Varya, his sister
Nina Alexandrovna, his mother
Nina Alexandrovna, his mother
Daria Alexeevna
Performance The Idiot in What's On