How Zoya Fed the Geese
Svetlana Bazhenova
"Almost all my plays I copy from life. I don’t have good imagination but I am good at listening and watching..."

Playwright Svetlana Bazhenova, a student of famous director and playwright Nikolay Kolyada, states: “Almost all of my plays are based on real life. I don’t have a good imagination, but I can listen and watch. For example, the plot of the play “How Zoya fed the geese” is completely copied from life. The whole story described in the play was happening in front of my eyes. "

Nevertheless, the relationship between mother and son that is complex by definition , in the play is quite eccentric. First of all, the heroine Zoya is one hundred years old (!). Her son Vladimir is not young, but at the same time not independent, is strange and lonely. Seems like Zoya is not going to die, and Vladimir is not going to begin to live. And then suddenly a girl Zhenya appears in there house, she is  wayward, not very well-mannered, sharp. But she is lively! Will Vladimir finally find a family happiness ?!

The play makes you think about such eternal problems as the first and last love, the fleetingness of happiness, the destructive power of envy and the consequences of selfish motherly love.

The author of the play, Svetlana Eduardovna Bazhenova is an actress, director and playwright. She graduated from the Yekaterinburg Theater Institute (her teacher was Nikolay Kolyada) with a degree in Creative Writing. She is a founder and artistic director of the Omsk Center for Contemporary Drama. She has also won several contests of the contemporary play.

Running time 1 h. 50 min.

  • Director - Denis Khusniyarov
  • Set Designer - Alexander Mokhov
  • Costume Designer - Maria Lukka
  • Lighting Designer - Igor Fomin
  • Composer - Vitaly Istomin

Premiere: 27.09.2020

Performance How Zoya Fed the Geese in What's On