Three in Love
Andrey Kurbsky, Marcelle Berquier-Marinier
The legendary comedy of the Theater on Vasilyevsky is composed of two vaudevilles. Each of them has three characters - he, she and her lover, and they find themselves inside incredible situations.

The performance was reproduced on December 13, 2010.

The legendary performance called “Three”, staged for the first time in 1989, was back on the main stage of the Theater in 2010, consisting of two vaudevilles created with the 30-year difference by two playwrights - Russian Andrey Kurbsky and French Marcelle Berquier-Marinier. As we could say, there are two stories in one.

The best topic for such an entertaining performance could be only the eternal and classic love triangle, full of unexpected collisions. That is why director Vladimir Glazkov was interested in this “easy topic”, realizing that it could turn out as a funny joke or a tragedy in a certain sense.

The director remained faithful to the traditions of classical vaudeville with usual changing of clothes and comic discordancies causing a good laugh in the auditorium. The heroes experience incredible adventures that seem more like miracles, as winning a huge amount of money in a lottery, for example. The original titles of the vaudevilles used in the performance are “Love, Delights and Gold” and “Raining Cats And Dogs”.



Running time 2 h. 30 min. including interval

  • Director - Vladimir Glazkov

Premiere: 01.01.1989

Performance Three in Love in What's On