Lonely People
Gerhart Hauptmann
Gerhart Hauptmann’s play is about love and friendship, about throes of creation, talent and exclusiveness worship, about tenderness and devotion, about indifference, about tragic misunderstanding.

Denis Khusniyarov, the best director according to the Proryv (Breakthrough) Award for young theatre professionals, presents on the Theatere’s main stage a production of the play “Lonely People” by outstanding German playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature winner Gerhart Hauptmann, about love, friendship and throes of creation.

This family drama is marked by a deep Chekhovian psychologism. A peaceful and intact Vokerat family is living on the bank of the charmful lake. However, the rebellious soul of young scientist Johannes has no peace and quiet. Surrounded by his loving, but extraneous family, he feels himself deeply alone.

Dreaming of a soul mate, of ethereal love, Johannes finds it in a student Anna Mahr, coming from the Baltics. The dissention of the hero with the world around and with himself is aggravated as he tears between two loving women, between his feelings and his duty...


Running time 3 h. 15 min. including interval

  • Director - Denis Khusniyarov
  • Set Designer - Nikolay Slobodyanik
  • Costume Designer - Stephaniya Graurogkaite
  • Composer - Vitaly Istomin
  • Lighting Designer, Merited Cultural Worker - Evgeny Ganzburg

Premiere: 27.02.2015

Performance Lonely People in What's On