The Cursed Love
Tatyana Moskvina
The play was based on the letters and the amazing love story between an actress Angelina Stepanova and a playwright Nikolai Erdman. The Theatre on Vasilevsky actors Tatyana Kalashnikova and Mikhail Nikolaev play at the end of their tether.

The chamber stage of the Theatre hosts a heartfelt production of one of the most striking theatrical love stories of the XXth century.

Tatyana Moskvina, the author of the play, depicted real correspondence of the prominent Russian playwright Nikolai Erdman, who wrote the world-famous plays “The Suicide” and “The Mandate”, with the brilliant actress Angelina Stepanova, who played on the same stage and in the same performance with great Stanislavsky. Their love story began in 1928 and made them happy for about seven years. Letters are a kind of chronicle of the relationship of two lovers who managed to be happy regardless of the circumstances.


Running time 1 h. 30 min. with no interval

  • Set Designer - Elena Dmitrakova
  • Director - Vladimir Tumanov
  • Costume Designer - Stephaniya Graurogkaite
  • Sound - Alexander Zakrzhevsky

Premiere: 26.05.2013

She (Angelina Stepanova)
He (Nikolai Erdman)
Performance The Cursed Love in What's On