Sunset Rock-n-roll - PREMIERE
Mikhail Heifetz
lyrical comedy about two lonely dancers

This is the story of the relationship between two people who are not so young anymore and who accidentally meet in an amateur dance school. The protagonists have very different characters. That is why each time they try to talk to each other they find themselves in rather funny, sometimes comic, situations. However, they still continue to meet, not giving up hope, that one day the day will come when they will dance a real Rock-n-Roll. 
Rock-n-Roll is kind of symbol here that life is not over yet. And that at any age there is space for hope and feeling.


Running time 1 h. 20 min.

  • Director - Ruslan Nanava
  • Set Designer - Anastasia Yudina
  • Lighting Designer - Valentin Bakoyan

Premiere: 06.12.2020

Performance Sunset Rock-n-roll - PREMIERE in What's On