Romulus the Great
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Historically not accurate comedy in two acts

This is a completely mock and grotesque performance about the humankind mired in wars and vices on one hand, and a cheerful pacifist emperor longing for peace on the other.

The comedy by Friedrich Dürrenmatt is full of topical parody elements. To express the idea of ​​the absolute harm of war director Denis Khusniyarov used all the techniques of the famous writer and playwright, such as paradoxes and contrasts, grotesque and comicality, historical facts and psychological invention of character traits.

The Emperor Romulus openly neglects power and force in the face of the Germans advancing on Rome. The scene of the destruction of a laurel wreath by a resilient emperor dreaming of a longed-for peace on Earth becomes symbolic in the play. Romulus' clownish behavior makes others consider him crazy, but that famous Roman had everything planned and subordinated according to one and only concept of rule.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, also the author of the famous play “The Visit”, describes only one day of life of the magnificent city and of the great nation, but the overall composition of the performance is based on the neglect and aversion of lies and tyranny.


Attention! The performance contains images of tobacco products and scenes of imitation of smoking!

Running time 2 h. 45 min. including interval

  • Director - Denis Khusniyarov
  • Set Designer - Nikolay Slobodyanik
  • Costume Designer - Stephaniya Graurogkaite
  • Composer - Vitaly Istomin
  • Lighting Designer - Ghidal Shugaev

Premiere: 30.07.2016

Romulus Augustulus, the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire
Julia, his wife
Rea, his daughter
Rea, his daughter
Zeno the Isaurian, the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire
Zeno the Isaurian, the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire
Emilian, the Roman patrician
Mares Tullius Rotundus, War Minister of Internal Affairs
Spirius Titus Mamma, cavalry prefect
Achilles, valet
Pyramus, valet
Apollyon, antiquarian
Ceasar Rupf, businessman
Odoacer, the German Prince
Theoderic, his nephew
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