Russian Jam
Lyudmila Ulitskaya
This performance is the Golden Soffit Award winner and Golden Mask Award nominee. This is the modern history of the modern Russian intelligentsia. The story could be paradoxically compared with the sad comedies of Anton Chekhov. The heroes of the play are the descendants of uncle Vanya and all the three sisters.

The Theater main stage hosts “The Cherry Orchard” of the XXIst Century - a tough and ironic story by Lyudmila Ulitskaya.

Seems like Chekhov is still writing our days, as Lyudmila Ulitskaya is often called the successor of Russian classics. She took a place in Russian literature that was empty in the contrast with the avant-garde. The writer creates such texts that are clear and close to the modern reader avoiding provocations, and not falling too much into sentimentality.  Ulitskaya almost with the surgical precision dissects the characters of her heroes and judge them honestly and impartially.

“Russian Jam” is a play about a family that is desperately trying to save their old way of life and to follow the values of generations of their glorious ancestors. Those of them who were labelled as “the Russian intelligentsia” are in fact do not deserve it, these persons gathered in a family summer cottage are very various and different. And that cottage becomes a symbol of their fragile community with a mossy garden, a house that crumbles before our eyes, a dried cherry tree wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a Chekhov portrait...

In order to cook their favorite jam, they have to buy cherries in the market. And family members have to look for themselves apart from a noble family idea.

The performance is the St. Petersburg Theatre Golden Soffit Award, and the National theater Golden Mask Award nominee.


Running time 2 h. 15 min. with no interval

  • Director - Andrzej Bubień
  • Set Designer - Elena Dmitrakova
  • Sound - Olga Tikhomirova
  • Composer - Vitaly Istomin
  • Choreography and Plastique - Yuri Khamutyansky
  • Lighting Designer, Merited Cultural Worker - Evgeny Ganzburg

Premiere: 29.11.2007

  • Лауреат Санкт-Петербургской театральной премии "Золотой софит"

  • Номинант Национальной театральной премии «Золотая маска»

Andrey Ivanovich Lepekhin (Dyudya), pensioner
Natalia Ivanovna, Dyudya's sister
Rostislav, Natalia Ivanovna's eldest son
Rostislav, Natalia Ivanovna's eldest son
Varvara (Vava), Natalia Ivanovna's eldest daughter
Elena (Lyelya), Natalia Ivanovna's middle daughter
Elena (Lyelya), Natalia Ivanovna's middle daughter
Liza, Natalia Ivanovna's youngest daughter
Alla (or Evdokia Kalugina), Rostislav's wife
Alla (or Evdokia Kalugina), Rostislav's wife
Konstantin, Elena's husband
Maria Yakovlevna (Makanya), Natalia Ivanovna’ sister-in-law, housekeeper and companion
Semyon Golden Hands, simple person
Performance Russian Jam in What's On