The Happiest Woman
Evgeniy Ungard

Three women gather in the club to prepare a Cosmonautics Day evening party. In an hour and a half women remembered not only about the flight of Yuri Gagarin, but their whole lives. Long-lasting friendship could completely break in every minute.


This is kind of a mythic fairy tale on the main stage of the Theater, a performance based on the play “The Cosmonautics Day” by Eugeniy Ungard - winner of the Tefi Award.

It is a very simple and clear story, a sketch about friendship, about love, about memory and about hopes. The number of characters is minimal: three lady friends, as often happens, have different characters, dreams and destinies. An evening spent together smoothly turns into a conversation about everything and about nothing: the memories of past days are replaced by dreams of the future, their friendship suddenly risk to turn into enmity and rupture forever...


Running time 1 h. 15 min.

  • Director - Denis Khusniyarov
  • Set Designer - Nikolay Slobodyanik
  • Costume Designer - Maria Golovina
  • Video - Tatiana Mishina

Premiere: 26.12.2011

Performance The Happiest Woman in What's On