SELFIE (Rock marathon)
Vadim Mayorov
Three strangers run a marathon. Other runners are somewhere far beyond the horizon. Each turn of the road is a new change in their destiny.

Vadim Mayorov’s play “Selfie” about the marathon race that actually symbolizes our life is performed on the main stage of the Theater and is a musical marathon for three.

Three men running the marathon are Georg, Gosha, and George Georgievich. All other athletes are not visible, they are lost all over the distance. Turns and zigzags in the runners’ way mean changes of their destiny. Their lives seem to be a marathon race, but everyone runs his own one, and it is not so easy to understand who and how runs it together with you.


Running time 2 h. 0 min. with no interval

  • Director - Roman Smirnov

Premiere: 29.11.2014

Performance SELFIE (Rock marathon) in What's On