Saving Kammer-Junker Pushkin
Mikhail Heifetz
Golden Soffit Award nominee.
The play by Israeli playwright Mikhail Heifetz "Saving Kamer-Junker Pushkin" is the winner of the international Russian language drama contest "Deistvuyushchie Litsa" (Dramatic Personae).

The play has a subtitle - The Story of a Failed Feat. Two main characters Pitunin and Pushkin are united by the regret for an unrealized, failed life. All the events of the play are familiar and funny, the performance is filled with delicious details and excellent cues.

The main character is Misha Pitunin, an ordinary boy without any special talent. Though he has one talent - the ability to get into trouble. Since his childhood till today he finds himself in numerous comic situations that turn into misfortunes for him.

Misha grew up in the Soviet era, when education was mainly based on grinding and forcing on the things . As a result, Misha even yet in kindergarten was full of deep hatred towards the main Russian poet. It seemed to him that Alexander Pushkin was to blame for all his troubles.

The audience will live alongside Misha and see him growing up, and also how gradually his attitude towards the poet is changing. The image of Pushkin in the play is metaphorical. It plays the role of everything that the main character does not like in himself, everything that he refuses to accept and to change. Constantly moving from our days to Pushkin time and back, the heroes discover some accidental events preceding the poet’s fateful duel. The performance will shed the light on the curious details of the personal life of those who surrounded Pushkin - Georges d’Antès, Jacob van Heeckeren, Natalia Goncharova. And it turns out that possibly the poet could have been saved.


The performance is the Golden Soffit Award nominee


Running time 2 h. 30 min. including interval

  • Staging and Direction - Oleg Sologubov
  • Set Designer - Pyotr Shereshevsky

Premiere: 21.11.2015

  • Номинант Санкт-Петербургской театральной премии "Золотой софит"

Governess, Teacher, Fortuneteller, Idaliya Poletika
Solovyov, political officer
Dubasov, book seller
Dubasov, book seller
Performance Saving Kammer-Junker Pushkin in What's On