The Eternal Husband
Fyodor Dostoevsky
After the death of his wife, a district official Pavel Pavlovich Trusotsky arrives to St. Petersburg to find a former lover of his wife.

This play of the Theatre’s chamber stage is based on the novella by Fyodor Dostoevsky and explores the relationship problems, adultery and love triangle...

This “three-person game” was a motive that attracted the writer by its ambiguous drama, by the hidden conflict inside and by extreme psychologism. A short literary form allowed the writer to analyze concisely the characters’ actions with almost surgical accuracy, exposing the strength and passion of their troubled relationship.

Running time 1 h. 40 min. with no interval

  • Director - Viktoria Lugovaya
  • Set Designer - Igor Stepanov
  • Costume Designer - Igor Stepanov
  • Sound - Viktoria Lugovaya
  • Lighting Designer - Kirill Grigoryan

Premiere: 14.01.2017

Aleksei Ivanovich Velchaninov
Pavel Pavlovich Trusotskii
Natalia Vasilievna Trusotskaya
Natalia Vasilievna Trusotskaya
Natalia Vasilievna Trusotskaya
Liza Trusotskaya
Klavdia Petrovna
Klavdia Petrovna
Olimpiada Semionovna
Olimpiada Semionovna
Olimpiada Semionovna
Performance The Eternal Husband in What's On